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The reason I do what I do goes deeper than just my love for music. I try to explain it in this short video.

About Me


I am a musician. I am lover of music. This website is a place to chronicle my adventures through music and video, humour and song, and all things that I enjoy.


I've been playing music (off and on) for 35 years or so. I have given up on it more than once, but it has never given up on me.


My guitar has always been there to help me celebrate the good times, and it's always been there to console me in the hard times.


My life... no.... my world is such that I NEED to share the music. I NEED to play for myself these days. I enjoy it so much, and everytime I look around, I realize that so many people seem to enjoy it too.


Trust me, I have no idea why. I wouldn't say it's a gift. I wouldn't say I work so damn hard at it... truth is, I work hard, but I don't even come close to the abilities of my heros. I am always learning.


It's been said, more than once, that music is therapy. Music can move people. It can make you happy. It can make you sad. it can make you tap your foot, or bring a smile to your face, or it can help you remember moments from times past. It can transport you to a different world and help you escape the everyday modern world.


I'd say it's as close to Magic as this world can offer.


The Banner at the top of the page says "Stay Positive". What a wonderful statement!


I am happy to share my enjoyment with others. That's what music...No... that's what Life is all about.




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Like Alice, you may enter the Wonderland and wonder how you will ever get out.

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